In light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, WellSky is transitioning the Aging & Disability Boot Camp that was scheduled to take place in Overland Park, KS on April 29-May 1, 2020 to a virtual event. By taking this step, we will be able to provide high-level training and content without requiring travel or meeting in person given the risks and limitations of the current environment.

With so many of our clients serving on the front lines of this pandemic, we will spread out the sessions throughout May and June. This will allow registrants to take greater advantage of all the learning opportunities:

· Full access to all sessions for both tracks — HAR registrants will have access to sessions in the A&D track, and SQL-proficient SAMS users can attend HAR track sessions;

· Value-added content for 12 months after the training; and

· Bonus online training sessions in the fall. 

If you rely on WellSky Aging & Disability (SAMS) you won't want to miss this year's Boot Camp!


Updated Agenda located HERE