“Hot Button” issues on PBMs’ radar
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Jeff Baird
PBMs have tremendous power, and are essentially accountable to no one. As unfair as it may be, PBMs have a great deal of discretion to decide which pharmacies (i) they will allow in their retail network; (ii) which they will allow in their mail-order network; (iii) which will be denied re-enrollment; and (iv) which will be kicked out of the network. This program will discuss the “hot button” issues pharmacies face as they work with PBMs. Specifically, the program will discuss (i) key provisions in PBM contracts; (ii) how PBMs view pharmacies that compound drugs, and mail drugs to patients; (iii) “gotcha” questions in PBM re-enrollment questionnaires, including those related to waiver of copayments, and use of 1099 independent contractor marketing reps; (iv) the grounds on which PBMs terminate pharmacy contracts; (v) how a pharmacy should respond to a termination letter; and (vi) how a pharmacy should respond to a PBM audit.
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Trianon B
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Kansas City Marriott Downtown
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