Home Care round table sessions
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Jeff Baird Rose Ballard Ron Lanton Jennifer Lyons Bill Noyes Andrea Stark David Tapia Anna Houston
Roundtables are designed to provide an opportunity for networking and information sharing on a variety of topics related to the Homecare Pharmacy and Home Medical Equipment industries. At this session, participants will be able to join a variety of informal table-top discussions regarding reimbursement, clinical operations, inventory management, referral management, financial management, and more. Leading industry experts will facilitate these discussions, along with WellSky product staff. This allows participants in this exciting session to not only hear from their peers regarding challenges within the industry, but to also tie that back to the tools and processes that they employ every day!
Table Topics:
How You Can Take Advantage of Emerging Biosimilar Medications with Ron Lanton
Are you a specialty or home infusion stakeholder and you have questions about biosimilar medications? Biosimilar policy has been taking shape quickly over the last few years. From Medicare Part B and D policy changes to the HHS’ elimination of Safe Harbor rebate protections, biosimilars have become a prominent topic of discussion to build a more competitive, sustainable biologics market. Specialty patients could benefit from biologic products such as biosimilars, but more information is needed to truly understand these products and what the reimbursement ramifications are surrounding them. 
New Software Implementation: 6 Essential Elements of Software Implementation with Rose Ballard
Discovery Phase, Planning and Preparation, Engagement,  Data Surveillance and Standardization, Data Profiling and Cleansing, &Data Management and Data Governance 
Creating a Culture of Safety with David Tapia
Patient Safety is a hot topic in today’s healthcare scene and providers are facing multiple challenges in this area. We invite you to this round table discussion to participate in a collaborative session that includes peers and colleagues who are in the"same boat”. This is a forum where you can share best practices, suggestions and lessons learned. We will discuss some of the techniques used by High Reliability Organizations who have been successful in creating a culture of safety and a “no harm” policy in their organization.
What does your data want you to know? with Andrea Stark: This round table will explore common operational concerns and use data to unearth unconventional solutions. Pose your burning questions and we’ll brainstorm ways to get answers.  Inspiration awaits. 
Participating in NHIFs Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program & What Other Benchmarks Would You Like to See? with Jennifer Lyons
National Home Infusion Foundation’s (NHIF) Home Infusion Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program, a program that is collecting data and measuring how patients perceive home and specialty infusion services. These benchmarks will transform clinical practice and improve patient care in the home and specialty infusion industry.
Payment Methodologies Home Infusion Services with Bill Noyes
In this round table we will discuss the differences between the commercial (s-code) per diem payment model and the Medicare (g-code) home infusion services payment model.  We will also discuss and explore strategies to work with commercial payers help ensure they do not adopt the new Medicare payment model.
Patient Pay Billing and Collections Best Practices with Anna Houston 
This will cover a wide range of potential table topics:  Workflow, Automation-Integration, Outsourcing, KPI’s
Marketing and Arrangements with Physicians and Other Referral Sources: What is Proper and What Should Be Avoided with Jeff Baird
The lifeblood of the pharmacy is a steady stream of customers. These customers can be generated through marketing programs and developing relationships with physicians and other referral sources. In so doing, it is important that the pharmacy follow legal guidelines. This round table will focus on the types of marketing programs that are legally acceptable…and those that should be avoided. This round table with also discuss proper relationships that the pharmacy can enter into with physicians and other referral sources…and the types of arrangements that violate the law. 
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