Human & Social Services General Manager Welcome, Product Roadmap & State of the Industry - The emerging crisis of aged homelessness
Date & Time
Monday, September 9, 2019, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Dennis Culhane Steve Greenberg
Steve Greenberg will open this session followed by a presentation by Dennis Culhane.  He will present results and implications from a multi-site study in LA County, NYC, and Boston that integrated recent historic shelter data with health care data, and data on nursing home utilization, in order to estimate the impact of this emerging crisis. The following abstract provides additional information about the study.:

The Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness Abstract

A recent multi-site study in LA County, NYC, and Boston has projected a near tripling in the elderly homelessness population in the next decade. Based on historic utilization rates, health care and nursing home costs will increase significantly. The research team segmented the projected aged population into groups based on their health and homelessness status. Housing models were also matched to these groups, and the costs of the housing solutions were estimated. Based on exiting literature, cost offsets associated with housing placement were also projected. The results indicate that the housing solutions can be offset by reduced shelter, hospital, and nursing home use with even some modest savings projected. The implications for various stakeholders are considered.

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