Full Name
Tammy Wingo
Job Title
Director & Lead Advanced Analytics
CRI Advanced Analytics
Speaker Bio
Dr. Wingo has over 15 years’ experience in the business intelligence and analytics
space. She has worked with companies of all sizes all across the country with
experience in almost every industry. Her deep expertise in healthcare with analytical
applications has allowed her to explore and develop numerous analytical solutions
over the years with tremendous outcomes and successful implementations. She
developed and managed the first Department of Business Intelligence and Analytics for
Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and strategically created a culture of analytical focus for
the Medical Center.
She has extensive expertise and knowledge in data integration, visualization, and data
insight/discovery. She is a Tableau subject matter expert and has been using the tool
for over 14 years. She has designed dashboards for organizations such as ExxonMobil,
Comcast, SeaWorld, State Government, and many healthcare organizations across the
She has a successful leadership style and has managed many business intelligence and
analytics teams across many organizations over the years. She is a big picture thinker
with deep strategic BI experience and has applied that knowledge throughout the
years in various environments.
Tammy Wingo